Clayton’s is our kind of shop. Located near the heart of Horsham, Pennsylvania, they’ve been in business for over 32 years. This is oe impressive shop and range, with a large selection fof firearms in stock and an indoor shooting range complete with a HEPA filtration system, and armored booths.

Guns and Accessories

Clayton’s has more than 1,500 guns in stock that includes a large collection of shotguns, rifles, and handguns that is refreshed regularly, and can accommodate special order firearms available at reasonable prices and quickly.

Claytons is well suited to work closely with local law enforcement and military given most all of their employees have LE, military, and competitive shooting backgrounds.

Indoor Gun Range

Clayton’s indoor gun range:

  • Is capable of handling all handgun calibers, and all rifles up to 300WSM (up to .338 lapua) in our rifle range
  • Is newly designed and constructed facility is the pinnacle of indoor shooting
  • Offers tate of the art protection where each shooting lane has the protection of 600lbs of AR-500 armor plated steel
  • Has HEPA-filtered air designed to remove smoke
  • Features high-output flourescent lighting

Gun Rental

We are proud to offer gun rentals – $10 for handguns, $20 for rifles, ammunition is extra and must be purchased from Clayton’s. We feature the following products in our rental inventory (subject to change):

  • Glock 17G5, 19G4, 19G5, 21, 23, 26, 30, 42, 48
  • Springfield Armory XDS45, XDM9, XDM45, XDS9
  • Sig Sauer 226, 365
  • Ruger LCP380, LCR22, LC9S, SR9, SR9C, MK4, GP100 .357, GP100 .22, MK4
  • Kimber EVO SP 9, K6S 357, 1911 9mm, 1911 10mm RMR, 1911 with Laser 45
  • Smith and Wesson Shield 9, Bodyguard 380, Shield EZ .380, 442 .38, Bodyguard 38, MP 40, Governor, 686, Victory, 629 44, MP9 2.0
  • H&K 45, P30SK, VP9
  • Colt 1911 45
  • Walther PPQ 9
  • Beretta PX Storm 9
  • Remington 700 SD .308, 22 LR Bolt, 12 Shotgun
  • Rock River AR15
  • AK47
  • H&K 416 (AR)
  • Steyer 9mm
  • Mac 11
  • H&K MP5 9mm Suppressed
  • M2 Carbine (30 cal)
  • BAR (30-06)
  • Thompson (45ACP)

Gun Training

Clayton’s offers gun training from their qualified instructors, both in a group, or in private training sessions. 

Where to Find them

Clayton’s is located at 660 Easton Road Horsham, PA 19044.

You can reach them by phone at (215) 672-6060, or on their website at