Fly Lines & Backing

Find fly lines & backing and other fishing tackle and gear. We feature the finest brands in fishing like Scientific Anglers, Cabela's and RIO among hundreds of others. You’ll find quality gear, used by real fishermen here.

Cortland Micron Fly Line Backing

From $13.95 - $79.95

Line Spool Holder

From $129.99

RIO VersiTip Fly Line

From $149.95

Berkley Line Winder

From $29.99

RIO Bonefish Fly Line

From $79.95

RIO Deep 7 Fly Line

From $74.95

No-Knot Eyelets

From $4.99

RIO AFS Spey Line

From $49.95

RIO Grand Fly Line

From $69.95


From $4.79

Ardent Line Butter

From $8.99