Oklahoma is host to over 3,000 rivers and streams, as well as more than 1,000 reservoirs, and with more than 60 of some of your favorite species Oklahoma is the place to be if you’re an angler. Oklahoma does have some complicated rules and regulations, but luckily for you we have simplified them in this article.

Oklahoma Fishing Regulations

The State of Oklahoma states:

  • You may not fish without carrying a license or proper evidence that you’re exempt
  • You may not fish upon the land of another without the owners permission
  • You may not sell, barter or trade fish, unless you have a commercial license
  • You may not possess fish, or parts thereof, taken by another person without written information
  • You may not use any container to entice or lure fish into an open cavity within the container
  • You may not touch someone else’s trotline, throwline, jugline or limbline without permission from that person
  • You may not stock any public waters including streams and rivers without written permission from the Wildlife Department
  • You may not possess a gamefish, hybrid striped bass or flathead catfish that has been filleted or had its head or tail removed while participating in fishing
  • You may not possess fish in a tailwater without keeping their fish separate as well as marked with their name and license number
  • You may not possess more than one daily limit of any fish species regardless of method of take
  • Nonresidents may not have more than two days’ limit in his or her possession at any time regardless of method of take

Fishing License Period

Oklahoma fishing licenses are available as:

  • Daily fishing licenses
  • Annual fishing licenses
  • Lifetime fishing licenses

Free or Reduced Fee Oklahoma Fishing Licenses

The State of Oklahoma offers free fishing licenses or reduced fishing licenses for :

  • Fishermen with a disability
  • Disabled veterans

Oklahoma Fishing Licenses Are NOT Required For

If you fall into any of the below categories you’re in luck, because you aren’t required to have a fishing license:

  • Residents under the age of 16
  • Resident owners or tenants, including their family, fishing in their private ponds on their land
  • Resident disabled veterans who are 60 percent or more disabled
  • Any person who fishes with pole and line, trotline or throw line in streams, natural ponds and mine pits in or forming the boundary of the county in which he is a bona fide resident, when using any bait other than commercial or artificial bait, blood, stink bait, cut fish, and shrimp
  • Residents who have a proven disability rendering them nonambulatory and restricted to wheelchairs

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